Magnetrol Uses Macro Sensors’ LVDTs

Pennsauken, NJ -- The Magnetrol Digital E3 Modulevel Liquid Level Displacer Transmitter, an intrinsically safe two-wire instrument used for continuous liquid level measurement, liquid/liquid interface level measurement, or density control, uses a high-temperature, custom design of the Macro Sensors PR Series of separate core LVDT linear position sensors as part of the internal electronics needed to convert liquid level changes into 4–20 mA output signals. The Liquid Level Displacer Transmitters are used in the chemical industry, petroleum refining, nuclear power generation, and oil field industries for various level applications.

The Magnetrol Digital E3 Modulevel Liquid Level Displacer Transmitter implements simple buoyancy principles to detect and convert liquid level changes to useable measurement output. Changing buoyancy forces caused by a liquid level change act upon the spring-supported displacer of the transmitter, causing a vertical motion of the core within the Macro Sensors AC-operated LVDT Linear Position Sensor installed near the top of the transmitter.

As the core position changes with liquid level, voltages are induced across the secondary windings of the separate core LVDT. These signals are processed in the electronic circuitry of the LVDT linear position sensor and used to control the current in the 4–20 mA output. An enclosing tube acts as a static isolation barrier between the LVDT and the process media. As the link between the level sensing element and output electronics is simple in mechanical design and construction, the transmitter maintains an inline design that results in low instrument weight and simplified installation.

For more information on Macro Sensors separate core LVDT Linear Position Sensors, please refer to the Web site or contact the factory at [email protected].

For more information on the Magnetrol Digital E3 Modulevel Liquid Level Displacer Transmitter, refer to the Web site.

About Magnetrol
Magnetrol International is a worldwide leader in level and flow instrumentation. Since 1932, the Magnetrol name has become synonymous worldwide with quality and innovation. Magnetrol recognizes the unique characteristics of today's process market applications and offers numerous technology groups to address the broad range of control challenges.

Its extensive line of instrumentation includes Eclipse guided wave radar transmitters, Pulsar pulse burst radar transmitters, Modulevel displacer transmitters, buoyancy liquid level switches, Thermatel thermal dispersion switches and transmitters, Echotel ultrasonic contact and non-contact switches and transmitters, Kotron RF capacitance switches and transmitters, and Solitel vibrating rod switches.

The company's Product Quick Reference brochure provides an overview of its technologies.

About Macro Sensors
Macro Sensors offers an extensive line of linear and rotary sensors for position measurement and feedback in a variety of industrial applications, including factory automation, motion control systems, metal fabricating, and automotive assembly, as well as power plants, and gas/steam turbines. Incorporated in 1994, the company offers more than 200 years of cumulative design and manufacturing experience by its key staff in serving its OEM and end-user international customer base.

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