Magic Completes Buenos Aires Safe City Project

OR YEHUDA, Israel /PRNewswire/ -- Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, announced that its Comm-IT subsidiary has completed the design, development, and implementation of a CA-based monitoring and control solution for the Safe City project in Buenos Aires, Argentina, executed by Mer Systems (of the Mer Group). The scope of the monitoring and control project, which spanned approximately 12 months from design to delivery, is estimated at hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars.

The monitoring and control solution includes a CA Spectrum system for all computer communications infrastructure in the data center and throughout the city, including cameras, a WiMAX network, GPON, and various types of sensors. The solution monitors the availability of all infrastructure and components, supports advanced configuration management and full network topology, manages alerts, and provides network managers with an up-to-date and easily understood visual of the status of the project's infrastructures and cameras deployed throughout the city.

Magic also implemented a CA Netflow analysis system to support in-depth analysis of the loads on communication lines; a CA IT client manager system to manage the terminals, servers and tablets installed in police patrol vehicles; and a CA service desk system that manages the project's support and service center.

"The Buenos Aires project is one of the largest international Safe City projects implemented by an Israeli company," said Guy Bernstein, CEO of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. "We are proud to work with Mer Systems on their largest Safe City project to date."

"We are happy that our wide range of technological expertise and ability to execute complex large-scale projects helped Mer Systems meet all their objectives within extremely demanding time frames," said Ohad Dallal, VP Expert Services and Manager of the Management and Automation Division at Comm-IT. "Our team's unique ability to integrate into this project in a variety of areas, from networking technologies and management systems, through servers and databases, to the specification of the data center and management of the control desk, makes us a valuable partner for a variety of Safe City, data communications, information security, command and control, and related projects."

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