LumaSense Releases New Gas-Monitoring App

BALLERUP, Denmark /PRNewswire/ -- LumaSense Technologies Inc. has released software that allows industrial manufacturers to more easily and cost effectively monitor gas emissions by remotely controlling up to 24 multi-gas monitors with a single computer. The LumaSoft Gas MultiPoint 7950 remote control software is for use with LumaSense's INNOVA 1316 multi-gas monitor, and it creates a scalable system that is "less expensive than traditional multipoint samplers."

The LumaSoft Gas MultiPoint 7950 can be used in processes such as exhaust gas analysis for fermenters or biogas plants. With features such as USB functionality and independent sensors, plants can use it to easily install gas sample lines and eliminate contamination risk between sampling points. Additionally, the distributed approach can reduce production downtime by allowing plants to turn off specific monitoring channels for maintenance without affecting the rest of the system.

LumaSense is a global provider of temperature and gas sensing systems used in a wide range of industries. In addition to the LumaSoft Gas MultiPoint 7950, the company also offers a central gas analyzer system, the INNOVA 1309, a pneumatic multipoint sampler.

"A centralized approach to gas monitoring certainly has its benefits, but for facilities that have only a small number of sampling points, central monitoring can sometimes be expensive to purchase and maintain," said Jeff Becker, Global Vice President of Marketing at LumaSense Technologies. "The LumaSoft Gas MultiPoint 7950 is an economic solution because it allows plants to create smaller monitoring systems and expand in the future if needed."

The LumaSoft Gas MultiPoint 7950 features an intuitive interface that allows for easy set up. It also comprises a powerful multi-gas monitoring system that can measure the concentration of up to five gases in each sample location, which is a key advantage in applications such as fermentation, biogas, and agriculture emissions that require facilities to monitor anywhere between three to five gases.

Additionally, the software stores the data on a SQL server to make it easily accessible to create custom reports, even while the system is performing measurement tasks. The system also includes a built-in OPC Server that transfers setup, measurement, and alarms data. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

About LumaSense
LumaSense Technologies Inc. provides temperature and gas sensing solutions that optimize the performance of equipment, environments, and organizations. We are a trusted partner to both end user and OEMs, drawing on our proven technologies and deep industry expertise to develop state-of-the-art infrared and fiber-optic temperature sensors, radiometric thermal imagers, and gas analyzers. With offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, LumaSense is ideally positioned to serve the needs of the energy, industrial, and clean technology markets worldwide.

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