LTX-Credence Announces New Architecture for ATE

MILPITAS, CA -- (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LTX-Credence Corp. (Nasdaq:LTXC), a pioneer of semiconductor ATE solutions, announced a new system architecture that drives production floor efficiency to a new level. Integrated Multi-system Architecture (IMA) supports the assembly of optimized test system arrays using compact, low cost test systems as fundamental building blocks. This new test paradigm allows customers to maximize production floor flexibility and utilization, resulting in lower cost of test and reduced capital spending.

Allowing the ultimate in flexibility, IMA tester arrays eliminate the need to purchase expensive, physically large, high pin count systems. With the purchase of an IMA controller, customers have the ability to gang multiple low cost systems into a tester array that enable massive multi-site testing. Further, IMA tester arrays can be rapidly reconfigured into individual testers to address the volatile dynamics of semiconductor production. IMA tester arrays enable semiconductor manufacturers to adopt the most cost effective manufacturing test strategies for the complete range of SoC and SiP applications.

The first LTX-Credence offering using IMA is the Diamond platform. For example, an IMA array using three air-cooled Diamond test systems provides customers with up to 2,400 digital/analog pins, in a footprint requiring half the floor space compared to traditional high pin count platforms. IMA arrays are lower cost compared to systems architected to support high pin count resources and can accommodate massive multi-site applications exceeding 256 devices. In addition to the reduced capital expense, IMA arrays also deliver cost savings relative to floor space and energy consumption.

"The IMA concept sets new benchmarks in production flexibility and efficiency vital to cost down demands of the semiconductor industry. Today, manufacturers purchase larger, expensive systems to address devices requiring a high number of tester resources, but often use them for much less demanding applications. IMA changes the paradigm to compact, lower cost platforms optimizing resource deployment without sacrificing high end needs. LTX-Credence pioneered the concept of a single, scalable test platform, and now the future of our industry is in IMA compliant tester arrays," said Bruce MacDonald, vice president of marketing at LTX-Credence.

About LTX-Credence
LTX-Credence Corp. is a global provider of ATE solutions designed to deliver value through innovation enabling customers to implement best-in-class test strategies to maximize their profitability. LTX-Credence addresses the broad, divergent test requirements of the wireless, computing, automotive and entertainment market segments, offering a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, the largest installed base in the Asia-Pacific region, and a global network of strategically deployed applications and support resources.

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