Low-Power Microcontrollers from TI

Low-Power Microcontrollers from TI
Texas Instruments (TI) Inc.

Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, introduces 5 new families of 16-bit, general-purpose MSP430F2xx microcontrollers that draw 0.5 µA in standby mode and provide a direct upgrade path for corresponding MSP430F1xx devices. The microcontrollers feature a high level of analog integration, onchip memories up to 120 KB, a 20-bit address word, fast wake-up from standby mode, 1.8–3.6 V operating voltage range, flexible clocking architecture, and full processor speed of 16 MHz at 3.3 V. Onchip options include program memories up to 120 KB, 3-channel DMA, 8-channel 12-bit ADCs, and 2-channel 12-bit DACs. A universal serial communications interface provides a flexible implementation of standards that include I2C, SPI, IrDA, and UART. Applications include meters, sensors, industrial control systems, handheld instruments, and embedded systems.

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Company: Texas Instruments (TI) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)

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