Low-Power DSP from Sound Design Technologies

Sound Design Technologies Ltd.

The WOLVERINE from Sound Design Technologies Ltd., Burlington, ON, Canada, is a full SoC programmable multiprocessor DSP platform suited for data processing applications in sensors, wireless motes, portable audio devices, noise cancellation, medical monitoring, and biometrics. The device has a reconfigurable architecture, consisting of hardwired FFT/IFFT accelerators and 5 DSP cores (4 of which are dual MAC with a customized instruction-set for audio processing), integrated high-resolution dual ADCs, a DAC, a 20-bit data path with high programmable flexibility, and a size of 5.6 by 3.2 by 1.65 mm.

Contact Info

Company: Sound Design Technologies Ltd.
Phone number: 905-635-0800
Fax: 905-631-5724

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