Long-Range Bluetooth Device from Wireless Cables

Long-Range Bluetooth Device from Wireless Cables
Wireless Cables Inc.

The AIRcable Industrial XR from Wireless Cables Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, is a compact Bluetooth-compatible device that gathers data using intelligent sensors, runs computations, transfers files, and can communicate to multiple Bluetooth-compatible devices simultaneously. Units are programmable and configurable over the air and can create low-power mesh networks to interact with other AIRcable products and Bluetooth-compatible devices. Standard range with included antenna is 1000 m. Features include software-controlled RS-232 interface, real-time clock and temperature sensors; and the ability to act as a data logger for a GPS device.

Contact Info

Company: Wireless Cables Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-850-1884
Fax: 408-228-0687

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