Logic-to-Fiber Interface Converter from ESL

Logic-to-Fiber Interface Converter from ESL
Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL)

Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, offers the Model 6765 high-speed 4-channel digital logic level to fiber interface converter. The device has typical operating speeds >10 Mbps and translates 4 input/output logic pairs into 4 fiber pairs for a total of 8 fiber-optic connections. The circuit board is powered from 5 VDC and is suited for embedded applications. Features include user-selectable fiber light ON polarity, ST fiber connectors, and logic test points for signal monitoring.

Contact Info

Company: Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL)
Phone number: 401-943-1164
Fax: 401-946-5790

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