Liquid Level Sensor from Gems Sensors & Controls

Liquid Level Sensor from Gems Sensors & Controls
Gems Sensors & Controls Inc.

The UCL-520 Series ultrasonic level sensor from Gems Sensors & Controls Inc., Plainville, CT, is suitable for noncontact applications such as industrial water treatment, wastewater management, and chemical storage. The 2-wire ultrasonic transmitter has a measurement range up to 26.2 ft.; a min. 8 in. deadband; a 3 in. min. beam width; a PVDF transducer for use with ultrapure, corrosive, or waste liquids; and a selectable display that shows the level in air gap or liquid height. The device is pushbutton calibrated and has a 6-segment LCD.

Contact Info

Company: Gems Sensors & Controls Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-378-1600
Fax: 860-827-0223

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