Liquid Flow Microsensors from Sensirion

Liquid Flow Microsensors from Sensirion
Sensirion AG

Sensirion AG, Staefa, Switzerland, offers noninvasive liquid flow sensors based on planar microfluidic substrates. The company's thermal flow sensor microchips measure noninvasively through the wall of a flow channel inside a microfluidic substrate, enabling sensitive liquid flow measurement and bubble detection in the microliter range. A small digital CMOSens microchip is bonded to the microfluidic channel substrate and houses the sensor element, digital intelligence, and memory for signal linearization, temperature compensation, and self-test algorithms. The chip provides an I2C interface and can operate over a 2.8–3.3 V supply voltage. Sensing response time is ~30 ms and sensor resolutions are down to 0.5 nl/min. Customized OEM solutions can be developed for high-volume applications.

Contact Info

Company: Sensirion AG
Country: Switzerland
Phone number: +41 44-306-40-00
Fax: +41 44-306-40-30

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