Linius & IBM Market Linius Video Virtualization Engine

Linius Technologies Limited collaborates with IBM to promote and sell the Linius Video Virtualization Engine (Linius VVE), including building onto the IBM Bluemix platform. This collaboration project provides for the joint promotion and marketing of the Linius VVE (including pre-sales support) and submission of proposals for selling the Linius VVE to targeted customers as a stand-alone or integrated offering with IBM products.


Linius has been accepted as an IBM Business Partner in PartnerWorld, IBM's channel program. It will build and offer the Linius VVE on IBM Bluemix, IBM's cloud platform.  IBM Bluemix weaves together services, infrastructure and data to help businesses bring their ideas into production quickly.


Video is estimated to represent 80% percent of internet traffic, consisting of huge data files which are cumbersome and static. The Linius solution virtualizes videos, exposing the internal data in much the way that Big Data virtualizes the world's text. As a result, organizations can more easily and quickly add, splice and merge videos as needed. For example, a cable TV company will be able to deliver personalized TV ads, whilst a search company could return deliver hyper personalized video search from within videos.

Linius will work with IBM technology solutions to enhance the Linius VVE with IBM products and then promote and market these across all four of Linius' target market sectors. This will include virtualization hosted on the IBM Cloud, personalized advertising, anti-piracy, security and surveillance. Linius has the potential to transform many market sectors, and is initially focused on:

  • Delivering personalized advertising solutions for broadcasters
  • Video security and reduced piracy
  • Enhancing search engine monetization
  • Security-service applications

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