Light-to-Frequency Evaluation Module from TAOS

Light-to-Frequency Evaluation Module from TAOS
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions (TAOS) Inc.

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions (TAOS) Inc., Plano, TX, offers the LTFEVM evaluation module that supports the TSL230RD, TSL235R, TSL237S, TSL237T, TSL238D, and TSL245R light-to-frequency converters. Each converter has its own daughterboard that can be installed in either of the 2 daughterboard sockets on the EVM motherboard. Each daughterboard also has its own application software that is automatically initiated when the daughterboard is installed. The LTFEVM combines a motherboard with a Parallax BASIC Stamp microcontroller plus 2 microcontrollers operating as coprocessors, and the 6 daughterboards.

Contact Info

Company: Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions (TAOS) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 972-673-0759
Fax: 972-943-0610

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