Light, Compact Embedded Box PCs Are Expandable

Measuring 7.34 in. x 9.31 in. x 9.54 in. and weighing in at 11.48 lbs. each, Acnodes’ embedded box PCs with 7th/6th Gen Intel Xeon & Core i processors provide four PCI/PCIe expansion slots, 110- to 230-Vac power inputs, and operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C. Both models have two-removable trays for user convenience.


The FES7470 provides a choice of Core i7 processors: Kabylake options on Core i7-7700T or Core i7-7500T. Kabylake processors are compatible with Windows 10 only. However, if users want to stay with Windows 7, there are Skylake options offered as well. Skylake processors run on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. The FES7470 also offers Skylake processors Core i7-6700TE and Core i7-6500TE. Moreover, the PC offers three-slot PCI and one-slot PCIe x16 expansion, five USB3.0 ports, four COM ports, a swappable HDD box, and a 250W AC power supply.


The FES7471 employs an Intel Xeon E3 processor and provides one-slot PCIe x1, two-slot PCIe x4, and one-slot PCIe x16 expansion, five USB 3.0 ports, four COM ports, a swappable HDD box, and a 250W AC power supply. For more information, contact Acnodes Corp., Chino, CA. 909-597-7588.

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