LG Introduces First Air-Cooled, Canadian Voltage Specific VRF Unit

TORONTO -- LG Electronics has produced the first-ever, air-cooled, region-specific VRF unit (LG VRF 575V) that boasts matching voltage for the Canadian market. In the past, builders and engineers were forced to add extra equipment (step-down transformer) to incorporate the existing units on the market, thus adding costs. By removing the need for additional equipment and heavier gauge cables required for the lower voltage, costs are reduced by saving on install time, wiring and labour.

"This is the first time that LG has built a product specific for one region and is a perfect example of our commitment to the Canadian market," said Thomas Yoon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Canada. "As a result, we believe Canada's first 575V air-cooled VRF will be another star in LG's premier Multi V IV product line, delivering energy savings without sacrificing performance."

With the vast majority of Canadian buildings using 600 volts, the VRF 575V can be easily incorporated into new buildings or retrofits. From an engineering perspective, this unit offers a cleaner install, with a smaller footprint (no need for external transformer) and less wiring, resulting in a substantial cost reduction. For those working on a renovation, the 575V is now a direct-swap option.

As an EPA ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the past four years, the LG VRF 575V adheres to these requirements and is an industry-leading energy efficient unit, when compared to all other VRF models, according to the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute

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