Leviton Launches VerifEye™ BMO 3.0 Energy Monitoring and Tenant Billing Software and App

MELVILLE, NY -- Leviton launches the new VerifEye BMO 3.0 web-based software and Mobile App. BMO 3.0, designed to deliver a simple and effective end-to-end solution to measure, monitor and manage energy usage. This robust tool provides energy metering information to maximize energy efficiency and optimize equipment performance, as well as offering tenant billing capabilities to ensure accurate and complete recovery of energy costs. For advanced and accurate measurement and verification (M&V) capabilities, BMO 3.0 features several feature-rich expansion modules: Energy Code Compliance, Executive Reporting Dashboard, and Tenant Billing. For basic energy usage profiling and reporting, a Base Module is available at no cost with the purchase of a VerifEye Hub.

BMO 3.0 eliminates the need to install software or servers onsite. Accessible online or via an App, the Code Compliance Module is designed to assist building owners and operators in meeting state, municipal, and local codes related to energy metering and reporting. This module supports Title 24 and upcoming ASHRAE 90.1 requirements. This Module includes the ability to generate graphical date-based energy consumption and demand reports for whole building energy sources such as electric, gas, and steam. Developed to allow easy compliance with data acquisition, storage, and reporting code requirements, users can also create virtual meters to easily report on aggregated end-use energy loads such as lighting, HVAC, plug loads, and other equipment.

Also accessible online or via the App, the Executive Reporting Module uses enhanced graphics in a configurable Dashboard format for executive stakeholders to quickly review energy usage and cost data, specific to their facilities and portfolios. Users can link multiple building profiles and portfolios on multiple Hubs and customize their Dashboard to provide a wide variety of energy information to assist in streamlining efficient building and facility operations. In addition to providing the same capabilities as the Code Compliance Module, the Dashboard Module includes the ability to define building energy goals, receive alerts and alarms, perform base case comparisons, view carbon footprint reports, and upload weather information to help understand energy usage patterns.

The Tenant Billing Module is designed to allow multi-unit property operators to collect energy meter data, invoice individual tenants for their utility usage, and allocate energy costs for common-use areas. This web-based software solution streamlines the tenant billing process by eliminating manual meter readings for simplified, more accurate measurement and cost allocation. Ideal for multi-family housing, multi-location properties, franchise operations, or national chains, this Module allows multiple buildings and portfolios to be managed from the same application. Users can create virtual meters to allocate common area costs, create tariffs (simple, tiered or time of use (TOU)) for use at the entire building level, generate tenant invoices for any date range, and view management summary reports for each billing period. Users can also customize the look of their individual tenant invoices.

The VerifEye portfolio delivers an end-to-end solution that includes sub-meters, communication products for data acquisition, and BMO 3.0 software options for energy monitoring or tenant billing. Highly accurate sub-meters record consumption data in real-time and transmit the output to the communication products that send the data to the BMO 3.0 web-based software and App.

For more information, visit http://www.leviton.com/BMO 

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