LEDs Challenge Fluorescents In Variety Of Apps

LEDs Challenge Fluorescents In Variety Of Apps

Geared up to replace fluorescent lighting in machine vision, industrial, and architectural lighting applications, the LHF series LED linear lights are direct replacements for fluorescent lights. They come with what the maker claims is the industry’s only internal driver capable of both continuous and strobed operation. The LHF series can use either NPN or PNP strobe triggers to control light pulse timing. Internal LED drivers also eliminate the need for additional wiring between the light and external drivers. Based on the company’s Direct-Connect series of linear lights, users can snap together up to eight 300-mm LHF300 lights for an illumination source measuring up to 2.4 meters long without any additional wiring. Each 24V DC LHF300 array utilizes 30 high-intensity LEDs, and features a diffuse lens cover designed to disperse the light in the same fashion as a fluorescent light of equivalent length.

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