LED Technology Supports High-Speed Image Capture & Short Exposure Times

Smart Vision Lights unveils NanoDrive technology, what the company is calling the only commercially available light driver capable of supplying full current to LEDs in 500 nanoseconds or less while providing hundreds of amps. Reportedly, NanoDrive significantly eases the integration of machine vision solutions and expands options for applications that require rapid image acquisition or short image exposure times. Area scan and line scan cameras are also candidates for lighting powered by the technology.


Traditional LED lights take anywhere from two to tens of microseconds to fully power on. While suitable for conventional imaging applications, these time frames are becoming problematic as the inspection industry adopts higher-speed cameras.

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NanoDrive technology also reduces image acquisition times, which helps minimize reliance on ambient lighting. The very short “on” time is comparable to the light’s “off” time, allowing for an increase in the number of strobes the light can produce per second. When a light featuring NanoDrive is configured to a 1 microsecond pulse width and a 10 percent duty cycle, the light is capable of 100,000 strobes per second.


For more details, take a look at the NanoDrive page.

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