LDRA Tool Suite Reduces Footprint, Maintains Capabilities

LDRA Tool Suite Reduces Footprint, Maintains Capabilities

LDRA has optimized the LDRA tool suite to deliver the same comprehensive software test and verification capabilities but with a 60% smaller on-target footprint. This significantly minimizes test overhead, meaning time-critical dependencies can now be properly traced. Instrumentation overhead no longer interferes with the real-time execution on the target. Also added, a new form of instrumentation integrates all platform coverage dependencies into one structure. LDRA dramatically reduces the application footprint by using this new instrumentation together with an approach that eliminates library calls for target platforms and communication ports during the testing. By using a bitmap structure, test execution overhead can be as little as one hundred bytes. For more information, visit http://www.ldra.com/en/software-quality-test-tools/group/by-product-module/ldra-tool-suite  

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