Laser Displacement Sensors from Banner Engineering

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Banner Engineering Belgium BVBA

LH Series laser displacement sensors from Banner Engineering Belgium BVBA, Diegem, Belgium, provide noncontact height or thickness measurement of a variety of materials. Three models in the series offer measurement ranges of 25–35 mm, 60–100 mm, and 100–200 mm. Thickness is measured by 2 sensors mounted on either side of the target; the sensors automatically synchronize with one another and up to 32 sensors can be combined in a mixed-measurement network of multitrack displacement or thickness sensors. Software is included and accommodates data logging and monitoring for statistical process control. Output is via simultaneous 4–20 mA (16-bit D/A) and RS-485. Measurement rates can be set to dynamically adjust.

Contact Info

Company: Banner Engineering Belgium BVBA
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: +32 (0)2-456-07-80
Fax: +32 (0)2-456-07-89

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