Kit Speeds Global LTE IoT Development

Renesas Electronics introduces the Synergy AE-CLOUD2 kit, a complete hardware and software reference design that allows embedded developers to quickly evaluate cellular connectivity options and build Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) cellular Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The kit together plus Synergy Software Package (SSP) version 1.5.0 simplifies connecting IoT sensor devices to enterprise cloud services using 4G/LTE Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1, also called NB-IoT, with fallback to 2G/EGPRS cellular networks.


The hardware kit includes a Synergy S5D9 microcontroller (MCU) baseboard, tri-mode cellular modem with cellular and GPS antennas, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and various sensors such as lighting, microphone, temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, geomagnetic, accelerometer, and gyroscope. For cellular access, developers insert a SIM card with a data plan. Software allows developers to provision the kit to connect to a 4G/LTE IoT cellular network and their preferred cloud service provider. Users can visualize their sensor data on a customizable, password-protected dashboard.

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The AE-CLOUD2 hardware kit ensures excellent EMC performance, having passed global RF emissions tests. In addition, it complies with global regulatory certifications for FCC, CE, RoHs, WEEE and Japan MIC. In summation, the kit features:

  • Synergy S5D9 MCU baseboard
  • Quectel ultra-low power BG96 cellular module supports 4G/LTE Cat-M1, Cat-NB1, and 2G/EGPRS
  • Sensors for sampling and sending measurement data to the cloud:
  • Renesas ISL29035 digital light sensor for ambient/infrared light measurement
  • Bosch BMI160 MEMS sensor for acceleration and gyroscopic measurement
  • Bosch BMM150 MEMS three-axis geomagnetic sensor for compass navigation
  • Bosch BME680 MEMS sensor for gas, temperature, humidity, and pressure measurements
  • Knowles SPM0687LR5H-1 analog microphone for sound and voice capture


The software, SSP version 1.5.0, features:

  • Customizable production grade software
  • ThreadX real-time-operating system (RTOS)
  • NetX Duo Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) and NetX Secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) for secure communications with cloud services
  • Support for HTTPS Client and HTTP 1.1 Client
  • Wireless Frameworks for connecting to LTE IoT networks and cloud services
  • SSP Cellular Framework provides APIs to provision, configure and communicate with cellular network for data communication
  • Example projects for Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Medium One, including reference code and instructions for connecting AE-CLOUD2 to each cloud service using Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or LTE IoT cellular


The AE-CLOUD2 Kit is available now with a recommended resale price of $199.00. For more details about the kit, visit the AE-CLOUD2 page. Also, download SSP version 1.5.0 for free and pay a visit to Renesas Electronics Corporation.


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