Kionix Offers Accelerometers for Mobile Devices

ROSEMONT, IL /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Kionix Inc., announced at Sensors Expo & Conference the first two accelerometers in a new series of low-power, high-performance inertial sensors, optimized for mobile handsets and tablets. The KXTI9 offers a dramatic reduction in active power and combines a FIFO buffer with an improved embedded algorithm engine, allowing customers to develop new applications with minimal impact on system resources. The KXTJ9, which reduces system cost by eliminating the engine and buffer, offers the "lowest active and standby power of any high-performance accelerometer."

Optimized for Mobile Operating Systems
Mobile operating systems such as Google's Android 3.1 and Ice Cream Sandwich, and Microsoft Windows Mobile are defining support for inertial sensors as a must-have capability. Kionix's two new accelerometers have been designed to address two different implementations: OEM-customized implementations that include features such as pedometer, tap-to-answer, and shake-to-wake versus a straightforward implementation that supports the base-level platform requirements.

"The KXTI9 and KXTJ9 meet two distinctly different needs of our customers," stated Michael Maia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Americas at Kionix. "The KXTI9 is highly efficient and feature-rich, combining embedded intelligence with low power for handset and tablet manufacturers who want a market-differentiating solution. On the other hand, the KXTJ9 is optimized for even lower power consumption while offering our most aggressively priced device."

The KXTI9 is a low-power, high-performance, fast-mode I2C tri-axis accelerometer. It is pin- and register-compatible, with the popular Kionix KXTF9, and offers a 43% reduction in power consumption in 12-bit mode (325 µA) and 56% lower power in 8-bit operation (100 µA) versus the KXTF9. It includes a 252-byte FIFO/FILO buffer, which simplifies timing requirements and enables burst reads, and has an integrated voltage regulator with a supply voltage range of 1.8–3.6 V. In addition, the KXTI9 offers a wide range of user-programmable settings, including 8-bit or 12-bit resolution; ±2g, 4g, or 8g ranges; and output data rates from 12.5 Hz to 800 Hz, with programmable high-pass and low-pass filters. The KXTI9 integrates Kionix's second-generation algorithm engine that improves Directional Tap/Double-Tap, shake-to-wake, and screen rotation.

The KXTJ9 is pin-compatible with the KXTI9 and offers a lower-cost alternative for a digital-direct output, ultra-low power, tri-axis accelerometer. It features 56% lower power in 12-bit mode (250 µA) and a dramatic 95% lower power consumption in 8-bit mode (10 µA) as compared with the KXTF9. The KXTJ9 also delivers best-in class noise density of 175 µg/rtHz, improving the performance of other inertial sensors in a system.

The KXTI9 is shipping to qualified customers, and the KXTJ9 will begin sampling to qualified customers in Q3, 2011. Both parts are available in a 3 by 3 by 0.9 mm LGA package. For more information, please email [email protected] or contact the Kionix sales office nearest you.

About Kionix
Kionix Inc., located in Ithaca, NY, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ROHM Co., Ltd. of Japan. The company pioneered high-aspect-ratio silicon micromachining, based on research originally conducted at Cornell University and today enjoys a global reputation for MEMS product design, process engineering, and quality manufacturing. Consumer-electronics leaders worldwide use Kionix's products, development tools, and application support to enable motion-based gaming; user-interface functionality in mobile handsets, personal navigation, and TV remote controllers; and hard-disk-drive drop protection in mobile products. Kionix's MEMS products are further diversified into the automotive, industrial, and healthcare sectors. Kionix offers one of the industry's broadest families of MEMS devices that incorporate tri-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes, along with the mixed-signal-interface integrated circuits that provide algorithm processing of sensor data. Kionix is ISO9001:2000 and TS16949 registered.

Kionix is a registered trademark of Kionix, Inc. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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