Kaman and Predictive Service Collaborate

Windsor, CT -- Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., a leading distributor of industrial parts, and Predictive Service LLC, a global leader in providing predictive maintenance and engineering services (reliability services), announced a collaboration between the two companies, whereby Kaman will distribute reliability services from Predictive Service in the industrial distribution market.

The agreement allows Kaman to offer complete solutions across North America that include industrial components, inventory management, and reliability services through its more than 200 service centers and extensive sales force. The collaboration expands Kaman's offerings while leveraging Predictive Service's ability to provide managed reliability services at any location in North America.

"Both companies have the same goal—to help our customers become more productive, improve uptime, and increase their ROI", said Thomas St. Lawrence, National Account Manager For Maintenance And Reliability at Kaman Industrial Technologies. "Reliability and inventory management have typically been in separate corners. In a perfect world, they work together, which is what we have done with Predictive Service. Together, we offer a phenomenal package."

"Kaman's extensive sales force is at a local level so they have in-depth knowledge of the needs of their customers. They have a clear understanding of the reliability business and understand how parts, inventory management, and reliability services work together to provide complete solutions. There is tremendous synergy between both companies, which ultimately helps end users," said Don Frankel, President, Predictive Service.

About Predictive Service
Predictive Service LLC is a leader in providing managed predictive services and reliability engineering around the world. Predictive Service helps clients keep their facilities operating reliably, safely, and efficiently by applying the appropriate reliability services. Predictive Service's patented technology and processes ensure clients identify critical issues before failures occur and eliminate unnecessary maintenance activities. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, and has offices around the world. Predictive Service is one of the fastest-growing companies in America, as named by Inc. magazine.

About Kaman
Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., a leading distributor of industrial parts, operates over 200 customer service centers and five distribution centers across North America. Kaman offers more than 3 million items, including bearings, mechanical power transmission, electrical, material handling, motion control, fluid power, automation, and MRO supplies to customers in virtually every industry. Additionally, Kaman provides engineering, design, and support for electrical, linear, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, as well as belting and rubber fabrication, customized mechanical services, hose assemblies, custom modifications, repair, fluid analysis, and motor management. Kaman Industrial Technologies is a subsidiary of Kaman Corp.

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