K-Sun Announces the New PEARLabel 400iXL Wide Format General Labeling Solution

The K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL General Labeling Solution pairs the new PEARLabel® 400iXL Energy-Star certified, wide-format thermal transfer printer with powerful K-Sun MaxiLabel Pro Ver 5.0 General Labeling Software for wire, cable and electrical identification. It’s the professional labeling, marking and visual communication solution for today’s workplace.

The 400iXL General Labeling Solution is designed for electrical, IT, datacom , wire/cable, manufacturing, warehouse and facility professionals--anyone who needs to make custom and compliant communication in-house and on demand, at a significant cost savings over ordering markers, signs and labels from outside vendors. The K-Sun® PEARLabel® 400iXL printer can print on 1” and 2” heat shrink tube, one-, two- and four-inch wide all-weather labels and markers up to 90” long plus die-cut label supplies. The printer’s five-year warranty and supply performance guarantee is unbeatable.

The 400iXL General Labeling Solution includes the intuitive K-Sun® MaxiLabel® Pro Ver 5.0 General Labeling Software for making industrial and safety labels fast and easy, including bar codes/DM/QR, GHS symbols, alphanumeric and bar code sequencing, and more. More than 1,000 symbols include Abbreviations, ANSI, Arrows, Electrical, Environmental, Exit, Facility, Fire, GHS, ISO, WHMIS, IMO, Lab, Office, PPE, Recreation, Retail, Shipping, Target Organs and Transportation. Easily import graphics, text and data. Select from almost 1,100 pre-designed, customizable templates for caution/warning, pipes/valves, directions, safety, anti-disaster/crime scene, business, store/plant, hospital and school. Pre-defined signal words are available in 23 languages.

Convenient features include a drop-down font view menu, date/time stamp, auto reverse type and toolbar short-cuts for patch panel, heat shrink tube and equipment/asset management. A borderless printing feature allows the creation of tiled signs, tags and labels up to 16” inches high. A print-paste/multiply function makes larger labels in sections or in different colors. The ribbon-repeat function can automatically repeat symbols and words for barricade-style tape. The software includes adjustable margin settings down to 1 mm to save money on materials.

MaxiLabel® Pro Ver 5.0 also works with all K-Sun® label printers, including the PEARLabel® 270 and 360 and the K-Sun® GREEN MACHINE®, to create heat shrink tube markers, bar codes, wire markers, wire wrap, iron-on fabric, magnetic tape, glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent and other adhesive labels from 4 mm (1/6”) to 36 mm (1 1/2”).

With the purchase of the new K-Sun® PipeMarker ™ V8 software, the 400iXL General Labeling Solution can also be used to make custom and compliant pipe markers in-house and on-demand. This reduces cost to pennies per pipe marker while cutting production time from days to minutes. PipeMarker™ V8 has more than 800 pre-defined English, Spanish and bilingual pipe marker templates for 14 categories--from air and chemical to HVAC and water--that are compliant with ASME, OSHA, ANSI, IIAR, NFPA, CGA and NEC standards. K-Sun® PipeMarker™ V8 software can automatically convert markers to tag formats too.

MaxiLabel® Pro Ver 5.0 and PipeMarker™ V8 software programs are compatible with Windows® 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP. For more information, contact [email protected], visit http://www.ksun.com  or call 800-622-6312 Ext. 214.

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