JackBe and Axeda Collaborate

CHEVY CHASE, MD, & BOSTON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- JackBe, a leading provider of real-time actionable intelligence software, and Axeda Corp., a leading provider of cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and delivering machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, announced a partnership that brings together their complementary technologies to increase the value of M2M data. The joint offering combines user-driven tooling from JackBe Presto with complete M2M event processing and data management from the Axeda Machine Cloud that enables users to build visual, real-time operational dashboards.

"Machine-generated sensor data is a perfect fit for Big Data and real-time analytics," said John Crupi, CTO, JackBe. "Our customers need the ability to quickly and easily create analytics dashboards that combine real-time sensor data with other enterprise data to have a 360° view of their complete business operations and impact on their customers."

"Innovative companies are combining Big Machine Data with business system data and mashing these data sources to enrich the use of aggregate information from thousands of connected products," said Bill Zujewski, Axeda's CMO and Executive Vice President of Product Strategy. "We are enabling an easy and fast integration, using robust application programming interfaces that provide the tools for organizations to analyze data and react in real time."

"The Internet of Things is evolving from a niche area into a mainstream activity, especially in the next three years," said David W. Cearley, Vice President and Gartner Fellow, Gartner Research. "Enterprises should seriously investigate and initiate pilot projects in 2013 to position themselves to exploit the coming opportunities."

The JackBe-Axeda collaboration will provide organizations with:

  • Applications for business users that are easy to use and understand, combining real-time machine information with other enterprise data into interactive dashboards
  • Visual analytics delivered in real-time, based on the combined information from sensor and enterprise data, that deliver insights and actionable intelligence customers cannot get from sensor data alone
  • Visual performance and event trends that can be used for predictive and diagnostic analytics to reduce unscheduled maintenance costs.

The Axeda Machine Cloud is a cloud-based service for managing connected assets and implementing innovative M2M applications. It facilitates rapid M2M application development and includes out-of-the-box device and asset management applications to reduce the cost and complexity of implementing M2M solutions. JackBe Presto mashes machine data with other enterprise data into meaningful dashboards and analytics for real-time decisions.

About Axeda
Axeda Corp. provides a leading cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and implementing innovative M2M applications, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of connecting and remotely servicing the products of the world's leading companies. Axeda customers use its M2M application enablement platform to deliver innovative M2M solutions and optimize their business processes with data from their connected products.

By relying on the Axeda Machine Cloud to power their connected products, companies are transforming their business by improving customer satisfaction, reducing costs, and generating new sources of revenue. The M2M solutions behind these connected products range from remote service, fleet management, usage-based insurance, asset tracking, mHealth, and more. Join Axeda's developer community.

About JackBe
JackBe is the leading provider of Real-Time Actionable Intelligence. JackBe's enterprise platform, Presto, mashes and visualizes data into live dashboards for desktop, mobile, portals and SharePoint. Armed with real-time intelligence, executives and operational managers can make immediate, informed decisions to changes that impact the business.

Organizations that depend on "data in motion" benefit from Presto's live, multi-source connectivity which updates visual analytics-even with Big Data-in real time. Presto's powerful "point-click-mash" assembly tool makes combining data simple. Presto's apps capitalize on HTML5, providing "build once, run everywhere" mobility for tablets and smartphones. And Presto's design extends easily via plug-ins, embeds into custom applications, and is end-to-end secure. For more information, visit www.jackbe.com.