IXXAT Software Enables Time Synchronization In Nanosecond Range

IXXAT Software Enables Time Synchronization In Nanosecond Range
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Adding to the company’s existing IXXAT IEEE 1588 solutions, is protocol software for IEEE 802.1AS, described as the first commercially available software package for highly accurate time synchronization of AVB and TSN networks. IEEE 802.1 AS is an adapted version of the IEEE 1588 profile, designed for audio/video broadcasting and time sensitive networking (AVB and TSN) systems. The 802.1AS protocol software comes as ANSI C code inspired by MISRA-C and has a modular structure with a clear separation of the media dependent and media independent layers. This enables easy porting and fast implementation into various target systems. As a time-aware, slave-only end station, the software is the receiver of time-synchronization information provided by a grandmaster and enables synchronization of local Real Time Clocks (RTCs). The software supports the Best Master Clock algorithm, which can be optionally disabled. In addition to meeting the requirements of AVB and TSN systems, special needs within automotive systems are supported such as fast synchronization times of less than 1 µs to within 1s and optimization of memory usage. More information is available at http://www.ixxat.com/1588

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