ITK Engineering introduces new approaches to certification-compliant UAS development

How can companies take the correct game-changing decisions today in order to achieve efficient and certification-compliant UAS development without guidance on certification requirements? ITK Engineering is focusing on this question during ILA at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport. From 1st to 3rd June 2016 the internationally operating technology company will present new consultancy and development services for UAS on the bavAIRia joint stand (308) at the ISC in Hall 6. ITK will also showcase its current range of services for aerospace.

At present there is still an insufficient regulatory framework for the development of software for unmanned aircraft – although this is only a matter of time. Certification authorities are currently proposing regulations similar to those for manned aircraft, such as ED-12C/DO-178C. Some representatives of the aerospace industry are suggesting the use of guidance mainly derived from standards for the development of medical devices. However, if the manufacturers of unmanned aircraft and related systems do not use such guidance in their current development work, they run the risk of losing valuable development time as soon as new guidance comes into force. Moreover, subsequent upgrading to become compliant usually involves high costs. “I assume that the ED-12C/DO-178C, or similar standards, will be mandatory in the future for UAS software. Therefore present-day development processes for UAS software should be compliant, to avoid loss of innovative strength, productivity and competitive position in the future”, says Andreas Pistek, Program Manager Aerospace and Functional Safety at ITK Engineering.

Overcoming obstacles by forward-looking development

So, how can companies prepare now for future regulatory requirements? ITK Engineering recommends to follow the guidance provided by well-established current standards already when making decisions in the early prototyping phase – taking particular attention to processes, methods and tools, target hardware and test equipment. ITK Engineering analyses the development process within a company, and even supports it during a project, with trouble-free conversion to a standards-compliant development. An individual consultation is held to identify target strategies that will allow the company to develop efficient and certification-compliant UAS.

ITK Engineering has many years of experience in the development of safety-critical systems and electronic control units, in such sectors as aviation and medical devices. “In addition to our high level of software engineering competence, we bring a wealth of experience in process consultancy, feedback control system development, and efficient methods for verification and validation”, adds Pistek.

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