Isolated Digital I/O Cards from ADLINK

Isolated Digital I/O Cards from ADLINK
ADLINK Technology Inc.

ADLINK Technology America Inc., Irvine, CA, offers the PCI-744X series of digital I/O PCI cards with up to 128 opto-isolated channels for industrial I/O control and automation, large-scale test and measurement, and relay control. The series includes the 64-channel PCI-7442, 128-channel PCI-7443, and the 128-channel PCI-7444. The PCI-7443 digital input card accepts digital inputs with a high tolerance for noise and features a channel programmable change-of-state interrupt function. The PCI-7444 provides 128 open-drain power MOSFET-driven digital outputs with a sink current of 250 mA and programmable power-on digital output state settings and a watchdog timer.

Contact Info

Company: ADLINK Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-966-5200
Fax: 408-360-0222

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