iris and Cellocator Collaborate

BERLIN & TEL-AVIV, Israel /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Cellocator, a Pointer Telocation Ltd. division and a global leader in fleet management and tracking solutions, and iris GmbH, a leading provider of sensors for automatic people counting, will collaborate to offer an integrated fleet management and automatic passenger counting solution for the public transit market.

The integration of the iris InfraRed Motion Analyzer (IRMA) basic system with Cellocator's Cello-F device enables accurate passenger counting for effective use of vehicles in public transit systems, along with advanced fleet management and fleet safety applications.

Cellocator Cello-F offers enhanced functionality and performance for fleet management and AVL services, as well as other advanced telematics applications in the areas of journey and driver management, location and communication management for fleet owners and managers, service companies, insurance companies, car manufacturers, and more.

Some of these applications include route planning, vehicle access control, and event prioritization for distress situations. Cello-F is one of Cellocator's feature-rich and highly customizable products designed to meet the unique business and operational requirements of each client and OEM partner. Currently, more than 900,000 vehicles in over 55 countries are outfitted with Cellocator's products.

"The telematics industry requires smart solutions to increase profitability, yet maintain safe and smooth operations," said Noam Cimand, VP Sales and Marketing at Cellocator. "In order to provide the best solutions and quick time to market for our customers, we partner with leading providers such as iris GmbH."

IRMA (InfraRed Motion Analyzer) by iris is a product family of various sensor solutions for automatic passenger counting. Within this product range the IRMA basic system is the low-cost entry into passenger counting operations. It delivers a continuous and reliable stream of high-quality counting data to be used for applications such as distribution of revenues or funding or the measuring and control of transit system performance by passenger numbers.

Discreet and unobtrusive, the sensors monitor the door space with IR light pulses and evaluate their reflection to count the passengers.

About iris
iris has been a technology leader in automatic passenger counting (APC) for more than 20 years. With high performance, reliability, and steady innovation, iris is offering a portfolio of APC sensors based on various sensor technologies to serve the special requirements of the different markets. With over 90,000 sensors sold worldwide, installed in more than 40,000 vehicles, iris has helped to make APC a standard tool for public transportation, especially in Europe and Northern America.

About Cellocator
Cellocator, a Pointer Product Division, is a leading Telematics and AVL (automatic vehicle location) solutions provider for fleet management, car and driver safety, public safety, logistics, and asset tracking. Cellocator's feature-rich and highly customizable products are designed to meet the unique business and operational requirements of each client and OEM partner. Currently, over 800,000 vehicles in over 55 countries are outfitted with Cellocator's products around the world.

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