IR Thermometers from Ircon

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The 7V Series of Modline 7 IR sensors from Ircon, Santa Cruz, CA, are suited for use in the semiconductor industry and work with the company's ModView Pro software. The sensors are rugged, IP65-rated (NEMA 4) sealed devices for continuous temperature monitoring and control. Features include extended temperature ranges from —40°C to 3000°C, integral water-cooling in a SS steel enclosure, high-resolution optics, fast response times, and the ability to use the thermometer's sensing head as a stand-alone sensor with simultaneous analog and digital outputs of process temperatures. Motorized focus control, through-the lens, and laser sighting are standard. The accessory PROC-7 processor box allows full sensor operation through a pushbutton panel.

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Company: Ircon
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 831-458-3998
Fax: 831-425-4561

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