IR Pyrometers from Process Sensors

IR Pyrometers from Process Sensors
Process Sensors Corp.

Sirius Series pyrometers from Process Sensors Corp., Franklin Lakes, NJ, are laser-aiming, highly accurate SS IR pyrometers that measure in the mid- to high-temperature range down to 482°F. The SS09 has a spectral range of 0.67–1.1 µm with a 550°C–1800°C temperature range while the SI16 has a 1.45–1.8 µm spectral range with a 250°C–1800°C temperature range. Features include a short wavelength that minimizes the effects of emissivity changes; fast response; adjustable focus; high-resolution FOV; 4–20 mA and RS-232 or RS-485 digital outputs; and a choice of 3 versions of optics depending on the required focal distance. Software is included. Applications include induction heating, steel, glass, semiconductor, heat treating, furnaces, ovens, vacuum melting, and composites.

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