The IPSO Alliance Debuts New Technology

SANTA CLARA, CA /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The IPSO Alliance wrapped up a full week of successful IP-related events including a two-day interoperability test, public member product demonstration, and informative member meeting. "This has been a great week for the IPSO Alliance. We've shown the viability of using IP to bring together embedded networking across all industries," said Geoff Mulligan, Chairman of the Alliance.

The week began with 11 companies participating in the multi-vendor IP Smart Object interoperability event, which tested implementations of 6LoWPAN, IPv6, and COAP. IPSO member companies Bosch, Convergence Wireless, Dust Networks, NXP Semiconductor, Proto6, Sensinode, Symphony Networks, Ubilogix and Watteco were key contributors of "unplug-fest."

Preceding the demonstrations, three industry luminaries provided keynotes: Stuart Sikes, President of Parks Associates; Bo Begole, Principal Scientist of PARC, a Xerox company; and Whitfield Diffie, renowned Public Key Cryptographer. IPSO members Convergence Wireless, Dust Networks, Ember, GreenWave Reality, National Instruments, Nivis, NXP Semiconductors, Proto6, Sensinode, and Synapse Wireless displayed products incorporating IP in Smart Energy, commercial building, and industrial technologies. "IP-based wireless sensor networking standards such as 6LoWPAN will play an important role in unifying sensor networking applications across a variety of wired and wireless networks," said Joy Weiss, President and CEO of Dust Networks, which demonstrated their SmartMesh IP.

NXP Semiconductors Product Marketing Manager, Colin Faulkner, noted, "The continued evolution of JenNet-IP [for] applications such as home lighting and load control is essential to the widespread adoption of IP-enabled home automation systems. [Our] demonstration at the IPSO Alliance shows just how easily this technology can integrate Internet connectivity." Other founding members also participated: Nivis, who showed their integration-ready IP and open-standards based Smart Object platform; Proto6, who exhibited a wireless, interconnected smoke detector and thermostat; and Sensinode, who promoted the availability of the NanoService Solution.

"[We're] proud to be a member of the IPSO Alliance and to support the group's efforts to further the use of IP for networking solutions by way of our innovative Smart Home services and connected lighting platform," said Greg Memo, CEO of GreenWave Reality, which showcased their intelligent lighting platform. Convergence Wireless demonstrated its first all-wireless IP-based lighting control system; Ember displayed its IP stack for Smart Energy; National Instruments featured its CompactRIO; and Synapse Wireless modeled an interactive robotic "game" using a mesh network of IP connected smart objects.

At the member meeting, hosted at Google's headquarters, discussions focused on future activities and roles the Alliance will play in interoperability and Smart Energy.

About the IPSO Alliance
The IPSO Alliance is the primary advocate for IP-networked devices for use in energy, consumer, healthcare, and industrial applications. Membership is open to any organization supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects.

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