IoT Data Platform Advances Discrete Manufacturing’s application-specific platform, dubbed the Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing, enables the collection, analysis, storage, and provisioning of data for integrated manufacturing control within smart factories, both locally and in the cloud. The data generated from smart factories comes in from countless sensors, machines, power supplies, employees, and various applications – and new data is arriving every millisecond. To properly capture, assess, and leverage this information for intelligent control requires both a real-time database and a reliable platform tailored to IIoT architectures, interfaces, data formats, and performance requirements.


The platform relies on CrateDB, a distributed SQL database optimized specifically for the requirements of IoT manufacturing, including real-time time-series management. The database combines the familiarity and convenience of SQL with the scalability and flexibility of NoSQL. CrateDB allows the processing of time-series data in the millisecond range, in addition to enabling full-text search and geospatial queries for use within AI algorithms.


Overall, the IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing provides core capabilities for IoT device management, data enrichment, data science including AI and machine learning, and dashboards. It provides an integrated basis for the development and implementation of individual solutions for massive data handling and allows for monitoring, forecasting, and control of sensor behavior in real-time.


The Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing is now available and has already been installed at approximately 20 factories throughout the United States and Europe. For more information, visit

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