ioBridge Releases Internet of Things Platform

MARLBOROUGH, MA /PRNewswire/ -- ioBridge, Inc. releases a platform for professional Internet of Things applications, such as interactive devices, power monitoring, smart appliances, industrial automation, and machine-to-machine processes. The integrated platform of embedded technology and cloud services connects devices and Web services for remote monitoring and control. CEA included ioBridge in its "5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2010" for integrating social networking Web services with home automation products.

Features of the platform include real-time streaming, data logging, alerts, expressions, process control, automation, location-awareness, time-based control, and Web feed integration. Customers are able to get started today with the ioBridge IO-204-PRO module, the gateway to ioBridge cloud-services for sensors and actuators.

With ioBridge, customers are able to leverage an end-to-end application platform to create Web applications, mobile apps, and Web services. Customers are able to get their Internet-connected products and services to market faster and at a lower-cost by using the ioBridge platform. These products are also able to connect to social networking sites, location-based services, and weather feeds, such as Twitter, ThingSpeak, Google Latitude, Foursquare, and WeatherBug.

"When devices are connected, you can create some really interesting products and gain a competitive advantage," said Dr. Robert Mawrey, Chief Executive Officer of ioBridge. "For example, you can take a thermostat and enable it to automatically control itself based on your phone's location."

Using the ioBridge platform, designers Passi and Ripatti created an interactive toy that allows toddlers to communicate by placing blocks and lighting up shapes. CNN featured this product, and Fast Company's Co. Design listed it as one of the "12 of the Year's Best Ideas in Interface Design."

OEMs and professionals are able to license and customize ioBridge's Internet of Things platform for their own products and services in the cloud or on private networks. The technology behind the Web gateway hardware is available for integration as a drop-in module or embedded software at a low-cost.

"It's exciting that you don't have to start from scratch if you're building a Web-connected product," said Mawrey. "We have a running start and have gained a lot of experience since we launched in 2008."

About ioBridge
ioBridge, Inc. offers technology and services that enable almost anything to be Web-enabled, monitored, and controlled over the Internet. ioBridge's technology includes a Web services platform that customers can use to extend the technology for many applications. ioBridge provides OEM and commercial integration services and licensing of core, patent-pending technologies.

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