Introducing ISRA Map Surface imaging & metrology software based on Mountains Technology

Darmstadt, Germany & Besançon, France --- ISRA VISION’s KORAD3D optical measurement systems are now powered by ISRA Map software, based on Digital Surf’s Mountains Technology. The new integrated software features state-of-the-art surface imaging, analysis and metrology tools in a smart multi-language user environment, making it possible to produce comprehensive and visual surface metrology reports faster than ever.

KORAD3D systems together with ISRA Map software now provide a complete solution for a wide variety of applications including:

• Quality assurance at production lines
• Measurements of electronic parts and components
• Measuring individual parts for shape acquisition and inspection purposes
• Measuring ceramic, silicon, human skin and rubber
• Roughness measurements for quality inspection
• Measuring historical works of art etc.

Available in 11 different languages 1, ISRA Map software comes with a unique interactive interface for data set preparation, display and analysis. Powerful filters remove outliers and local defects to prepare surfaces for further analysis.

Surface roughness and waviness are separated using advanced ISO 16610 filtering techniques, and surface texture is characterized by the latest 3D parameters defined in the ISO 25178 standard, together with ISO 12781 flatness parameters.

The new software also provides a generous set of features for surface geometry analysis including measurement of the volume of surface structures (bumps, holes), step heights, contour etc. These core ISRA Map features are complemented by numerous optional modules including grains and particles analysis, 3D Fourier and wavelets analysis, statistics and others.

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