Introducing continuous static code analysis with Klocwork 2016

LOUISVILLE, CO – Rogue Wave Software releases Klocwork 2016 with improved analysis tools for continuous integration (CI). Developers will get faster static analysis results as part of their CI build process. Quicker analysis means faster resolution of defects and a healthier build.

The road to continuous integration has been evolutionary. Static code analysis and testing is no longer an add-on. Teams now include testers from code creation, to testing, to production. Now, with CI, developers can bring static code analysis into their continuous integration process. According to a recent O'Reilly article, “incremental static analysis pre-commit and commit checks can also be wired into Continuous Integration to catch common mistakes and anti-patterns quickly.”

“Klocwork is the first static code analysis tool that supports CI,” says Walter Capitani, product manager at Rogue Wave. “This makes Rogue Wave the first to offer native plugin support that is available for the most popular CI build tools. This will accelerate the analysis process.”

With Klocwork fitting into CI environments, developing with more builds is easier than ever. Klocwork 2016 processes only modified code and affected execution paths, rather than processing all the code. It can perform a complete analysis of the submitted code changes in a bounded time frame.

In addition, Klocwork doesn’t require specific test cases to be written for new code as tests for quality, security, and standards compliance defects are automatically generated. These improved CI tools are available in the C/C++ programming languages, and on Jenkins, TeamCity, or any continuous integration build system that supports command line and scripts.

“In addition to CI, Klocwork 2016 adds new standards support, with over 50 new MISRA rules, as well as new CWE security checkers,” says Capitani. “This new release also comes with usability and scalability enhancements, platform and language support, new compiler support, and interoperability.”

To see the new Klocwork 2016 and how it can work in your CI environment, visit us at Embedded World on February 23-25 at booth 4-139 in hall 4, or request a demo.

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