Integrated Voltmeter from Murata Power Solutions

Integrated Voltmeter from Murata Power Solutions
Murata Power Solutions

DATEL DMS-20RM Series 4-wire voltmeters from Murata Power Solutions Inc., Mansfield, MA, can measure the true rms value of complex AC voltages and have an input frequency range of 47 Hz to 1 kHz. Suited for use in high-end electronics, laboratory instrumentation, and other equipment that requires precise AC line monitoring, the voltmeters can also measure and display the true rms value of triangle waves, square waves, or other irregularly shaped waveforms with ±0.4% F.S. accuracy. The voltmeters can also measure down to 0 V and have an integrated, isolated, independent power supply. Three input ranges are available: 20 VAC with 0.01 V resolution; 200 VAC with 0.1 V resolution; and 300 VAC with 1 V resolution.

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Company: Murata Power Solutions
Phone number: 800-233-2765
Fax: 508-261-1070

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