Instrumentation from ULVAC

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ULVAC Inc., Chigasaki, Japan, offers the SM2 multi-ionization gauge, the UNECS-3000A spectroscopic ellipsometer, and the VFR-400 and VFR-500 large pendulum valves for FPD manufacturing equipment. The ionization gauge is a separation-type wide-range vacuum gauge that can connect to three different types of vacuum gauges. The UNECS-3000A is an automatic, high-speed ellipsometer that can measure the thickness and optical constant distribution of a thin film, with an automatic mapping function that can measure 106 points over a 300 mm dia. substrate in 120 s. The vacuum gauges are 16 in. (VFR-400) and 20 in. (VFR-500) and do not use a mechanical lock mechanism.

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Company: ULVAC Inc.
Country: Japan
Phone number: +81 467-89-2261
Fax: +81 467-89-2267

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