INOVA Introduces Clarity Broadband Solution

HOUSTON /PRNewswire/ -- INOVA Geophysical Equipment Ltd. will introduce their new Clarity Broadband Solution at the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) conference in London, June 10–13. The solution includes a full portfolio of broadband technologies capable of generating and recording the wide bandwidth data oil and gas companies are now demanding.

INOVA's Clarity Broadband Solution clearly addresses an industry need for geophysical contractors to deliver higher data quality to their oil and gas customers so they can maximize their large investments with a deeper understanding of complex formations and richer characterization of the earth's subsurface. While technologies that produce a full-spectrum of broadband capabilities are required to support these efforts, delivering broadband data from a seismic survey requires that all technology components, such as the source, recording system, and sensors, work together with the same end goal.

INOVA offers operators a one-stop shop for flexible, reliable, and rugged broadband technologies, including:

"While low frequencies are key for imaging deeper structures and improving the inversion process, high frequencies are also beneficial for enhancing vertical resolution", said Andy Bull, INOVA's Vice President of Emerging Technologies. "Broadband data substantially improves processing and interpretation techniques to ultimately deliver the highest quality results needed by oil companies. We are happy to be able to offer our customers a complete broadband solution. Our proven source generation products, digital sensors, and recording systems have successfully helped operators worldwide get the best results possible from their acquisition programs."

Zhouhong "John" Wei, INOVA's Principal Scientist and broadband expert, along with Andy Bull, will host an archived joint webinar with Hart's E&P on June 5 to discuss "What Broadband Land Seismic Technology Means to Your Project's Success." They will also be presenting on this topic in INOVA's booth, number 920 at the EAGE conference.

INOVA Geophysical Equipment Ltd. is a leading provider of land geophysical technology, including source and source control systems, cabled and cableless land acquisition systems, and advanced seismic digital sensors. Managed as an independent company, INOVA is a joint venture owned 51% by BGP (a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corp.) and 49% by ION Geophysical Corp.

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