INOVA Debuts Digital Seismic Sensor

HOUSTON /PRNewswire/ -- INOVA Geophysical announced the launch of its new AccuSeis SL11 single-component broadband digital sensor to address the needs of oil and gas companies for higher resolution and more detailed images of the earth's subsurface. AccuSeis is the newest sensor addition to the INOVA Clarity Broadband, a complete portfolio of wide-bandwidth technologies for the seismic industry.

Used with INOVA's G3i and Hawk recording systems, AccuSeis extends land acquisition capabilities to a new level of operational flexibility as the "lightest, smallest, and most durable digital sensor in the industry." Configured as a single station or in a multi-station string of sensors, operators using AccuSeis digital point receivers can gain operational flexibility while reducing their cost per channel on large-scale, high-density acquisition projects without sacrificing data quality.

With its field-proven MEMS architecture, superior broad bandwidth, and advanced low-power electronics, AccuSeis is capable of obtaining better results in seismic imaging to enable more informed exploration and production decisions for E&P companies worldwide.

The AccuSeis SL11 sensor builds on the success of the INOVA Clarity Broadband solution as a leader in the field in capturing high-resolution data for seismic crews with a full range of technologies. INOVA's advanced cable-based and cableless autonomous recording systems, performance-enhanced vibrator and source controller technology, and superior digital sensors deliver the digital broadband solution of choice in any geophysical environment.

Dr. Arjun Selvakumar, INOVA's Vice President of Digital Sensors stated, "When it comes to seismic sensing technology, INOVA's digital sensors are unrivaled in the industry. By leveraging years of engineering and field operational experience, we have created a new 1C digital sensor that can be more cost-effective than any other on the market. The AccuSeis SL11 allows our customers to measure seismic waves across a broad spectrum and obtain a clearer image of the rock formations beneath the surface. In addition, the flexibility and performance of our new digital sensor will help reduce the overall operational costs of projects while meeting the equipment needs of our customers."

INOVA Geophysical Equipment Ltd. is a leading provider of land geophysical technology, including source and source control systems, cabled and cableless land acquisition systems, and advanced seismic digital sensors. Managed as an independent company, INOVA is a joint venture owned 51% by BGP (a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corp.) and 49% by ION Geophysical Corp.

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