Industry Leaders Showcase ANSYS Semiconductor Solutions for Chip Design Success

PITTSBURGH, PA -- Industry-leading companies are innovating the next generation of electronic devices for high-performance computing, mobile, automotive and the Internet of Things (IoT) quicker and more efficiently – thanks to ANSYS simulation solutions.

As the premier international conference for design and automation of electronic systems, the Design Automation Conference (DAC) showcases the most current developments in designs, design tools, intellectual property (IP) libraries and foundry technology support in the electronic and chip technology industry.

Over 25 papers from leading ANSYS customers – more than any other year – will be featured as part of DAC's Designer and IP Track, demonstrating the broad adoption of ANSYS semiconductor power integrity and reliability solutions for sign-off in the industry. Designer and IP Track gives industry leaders an opportunity to share accomplishments in multiple segments of semiconductor and electronic system design processes. ANSYS customers will highlight the methodologies and flows that address complex challenges as well as how engineers are leveraging ANSYS tools to innovate the next generation of electronic devices across the industry – from automotive and IoT applications to high-performance computing and mobile devices.

ANSYS will be featured at DAC in booth 1449 in June 6-8 in Austin, Texas.

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