Industrial Thermocouple from AKCP


AKCP Inc., Bangkok, Thailand, offers the SNMP-based thermocouple sensor for its sensorProbe8Linux and cameraProbe8 line of Web-enabled environmental and security monitoring devices. The Type K thermocouple measures temperatures from –270°C to 1372°C and has a 0.5 s response time and a range up to 1000 ft. The TCP/IP-enabled device allows temperature monitoring over a TCP/IP network or the Internet. The sensorProbe8Linux and cameraProbe8 use an embedded Linux OS and can connect up to 4 cameras for security monitoring, software motion detection, and video conferencing. They can send email, SMS, MMS, audio/visual alerts, and make a phone call to announce the alert.

Contact Info

Company: AKCP Inc.
Phone number: +66 2-617-8998

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