Industrial Cameras from Basler Vision Technologies

Industrial Cameras from Basler Vision Technologies
Basler Vision Technologies

Basler Vision Technologies, Ahrensburg, Germany, offers the pilot piA2400-17 monochrome and color cameras with image capture rates up to 17 frames/s with 2448 by 2050 pixels for 5 Mpixel resolution. Both models are offered in a 29 by 44 by 98.5 mm housing with a GigE Vision-compliant Gigabit Ethernet interface, an RJ-45 Ethernet connector, and a screw-mount option. Image quality is measured and qualified for each camera during production. Applications include intelligent traffic systems, semiconductor and electronics inspection, LCD inspection, and 3D measurement.

Contact Info

Company: Basler Vision Technologies
Country: Germany
Phone number: +49 4102-463-500

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