Implant Sciences Wins Contract

WILMINGTON, MA /Marketwire/ -- Implant Sciences Corp., a high-technology supplier of systems and sensors for homeland security and defense markets, announced that it has won a contract for four Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 handheld explosives trace detectors from a new customer in Germany. The sale was made through Implant Sciences' German distributor, D-TeC System Consulting GmbH, of Hamburg. The units will be used to inspect air cargo shipments.

"On March 25, 2013, new regulations come into effect in Germany that have the potential to significantly increase the volume of air cargo screened," noted Detlef Dau, General Manager of D-TeC Systems Consulting. "The Quantum Sniffer offers freight companies an easy-to-use solution that does not require a lot of facility space, a radiation safety officer, or a high maintenance budget."

"D-TeC's investment in penetrating the German air cargo market is beginning to pay dividends. We applaud their ability to leverage the advantages of our product line and carve out a niche against larger and established competitors," stated Dr. Darryl Jones, Implant Sciences' Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

About the Quantum Sniffer QS-H150
The Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 uses ion mobility spectrometry technology, providing fast, accurate detection of trace amounts of a wide variety of military, commercial, and homemade explosives. Built with no radioactive materials and featuring a low-maintenance, self-calibrating, and self-clearing design, the QS-H150 provides very high levels of operational availability. The QS-H150 has been proven to perform well in a wide variety of temperatures and challenging environments, from humid jungles to dry, sand-swept deserts.

About Implant Sciences
Implant Sciences Corp. develops, manufactures, and sells sophisticated sensors and systems for security, safety, and defense markets. The company has developed proprietary technologies used in its commercial explosive and narcotics trace detection systems, which ship to a growing number of locations domestically and internationally. Implant Sciences' QS-H150 portable explosives trace detector has received the Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology designation and the company's QS-B220 desktop explosives and drugs trace detector has received a Developmental Testing & Evaluation designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act of 2002 (the SAFETY Act).

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