Imogo Testing New Bitcoin Mobile Platform

SEATTLE, WA -- Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp. is testing its latest development, a secure mobile platform for Bitcoin that enables both consumers and business owners to buy and sell Bitcoins and to also use Bitcoins to pay for products and services. The easy-to-use platform can be used on any mobile device or desktop with internet access and takes away the difficulties faced by the average person when trying to buy, sell and use Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are a new form of digital currency that can be transferred and sent instantly over the internet. The adoption of Bitcoin by large corporations such as Google and Facebook is evidence of Bitcoin's popularity and shows how it is fast becoming a mainstream currency. Imogo's new platform will make it possible for anyone to access the Bitcoin ecosystem. The platform will be offered in multiple languages including Chinese, a reflection of Imogo's goal to penetrate the rapidly growing Asian market.

"The Imogo Bitcoin Mobile platform will assist in greater market penetration and entry into new markets," says Stewart Irvine, Founder and CEO of Imogo. "It will enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem, and provide a valuable service to consumers and businesses. We at Imogo are excited to develop this new Bitcoin platform and believe it will lead to strong revenue growth for Imogo as well as increased shareholder value. We anticipate that Bitcoin will be an integral part of internet based commerce."

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