IEEE 1588-2008 Synchronization Chip from Conemtech

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Conemtech AB

Conemtech AB, Kista, Sweden, offers its instantPTP line that lets you add high-accuracy synchronization via the IEEE 1588-2008 standard by adding a single component. The devices can be applied to new systems or retrofitted to existing designs and are primarily targeted as slave clocks in the packet network. Features include the IEEE 1588-2008 default profile, support for ITU defined telecom and power profiles, and the ability to connect and adapt to different line conditions without the need for software integration in its host system. The P50 board-level or M50 module devices can be inserted into the signal path, are IPv6 capable, include an SSH server, and terminate the synchronization protocol communication without interfering with the host data payload.

Contact Info

Company: Conemtech AB
Country: Sweden
Phone number: +46 8-750-78-50

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