IDT Introduces Single-Layer Multi-Touch Technology

SAN JOSE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT), the Analog and Digital Company, delivering essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, announced the "world's first true single-layer multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen technology for screen sizes up to 5 in." The latest technology addition to the IDT PureTouch family streamlines touch screen sensor manufacturing and eliminates multi-touch ghosting effects common in self-capacitive multi-layer solutions.

IDT's single-layer multi-touch sensor design is a true single-layer design that does not require additional mask steps for insulation of sensor crossover points and bridging of sensor matrix lines. By eliminating additional Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) layers required for other multi-touch technologies, IDT's new solution improves the transmittance of light, streamlines the fabrication of touch screen sensors, and reduces the overall cost for touch screen manufacturers. These benefits are delivered without compromising performance or the capability to detect multi-finger gestures.

"The explosion of touch interfaces in today's portable devices are driving developers to provide innovative solutions, and the new IDT touch screen technology empowers manufacturers to do just that," said Alvin Wong, General Manager of the Advanced User Interface group at IDT. "Standard capacitive touch screen sensors require up to three conductive layers, but the proprietary IDT single-layer technology eliminates the additional ITO layers yet maintains multi-touch capability. This is an industry first, and our technology not only improves the end-user experience but also helps designers and device manufactures lower their overall costs."

Leveraging IDT's proprietary single-layer pattern, the latest addition to the IDT PureTouch family features enhanced multi-touch capability, allowing recognition of two simultaneous finger touches while eliminating the "ghosting" effect common with self-capacitive multi-layer solutions. The ghosting effect can result in ambiguous finger position coordinates when more than one finger is placed on the screen. In addition, IDT's single-layer pattern has equal resolution for the x and y axes, resulting in a better user experience for both single- and dual-touch applications. By providing accurate multi-touch coordinates and equal resolution features, IDT's technology enables customers to create custom gestures to differentiate their end products and user interfaces.

About IDT
Integrated Device Technology Inc., the Analog and Digital Company, combines analog and digital technology to develop system-level innovations that optimize customers' applications and enrich the end-user experience. IDT uses its market leadership in timing, serial switching, and interfaces and adds analog and system expertise to provide complete application-optimized, mixed-signal solutions for the communications, computing, and consumer segments. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, IDT has design, manufacturing, and sales facilities throughout the world. Follow IDT on Twitter and Facebook.

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