ICG Launches LUX v2.4

CHANTILLY, VA -- Illumina Consulting Group, Inc., releases LUX v2.4, an evolution of its powerful real-time analytics platform. LUX v2.4 advances ICG a major step toward its next goal: fully processing and analyzing 1 million events per second.

"One million events per second is a major milestone in the real-time data analytics field and LUX v2.4 positions ICG to get there in a matter of months," said David Waldrop, ICG's President and CEO. "Our v3.0 platform will be a game changer, uniquely enabling analysts directly to exploit this volume and speed of data." ICG is targeting to release LUX v3.0 in Spring 2017, Waldrop said.

LUX v2.4's innovative new architecture design decouples the platform's single data-flow and batch processing pipeline into separate parts. The first part is ingestion and enrichment; the second part is ICG's analytical engines and Complex Event Processor (CEP). These components can now be configured in a variety of ways to support many combinations of large volume, high-speed data streams flowing in parallel at the same time. The v2.4 architecture enables LUX to process more events per second (benchmarks forthcoming), store every event for retrospective analysis, preserve the analytical lineage, and support other analytics engines and processes.

Business analysts will have direct access to these powerful new features through LUX's flexible, user-friendly interface.

Explore LUX v2.4 and register for a free LUX2016 political big data solution at http://www.icgsolutions.com

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