Icelandair Selects FreeFlight’s 1203 SBAS/GPS

WACO, TX /Marketwire/ -- FreeFlight Systems, a global provider of high-quality navigation management systems, radar altimeters, and other critical avionics, announces its 1203 SBAS/GPS was selected and installed on Icelandair's B757-200 fleet as part of their ADS-B program, which received an STC from EASA in late March.

The FreeFlight 1203 SBAS/GPS receiver meets or exceeds ADS-B position source requirements for most jurisdictions, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. For the Icelandair installation, two 1203s were married with ADS-B compliant transponders from ACSS. The 1203 integrates easily via ARINC 429 with most transponders, making it an ideal ADS-B position source for retrofit applications. The 1203 requires no cockpit controls, and ADS-B requires no integration with the existing aircraft navigation or flight management systems, simplifying installation and certification.

The approved ADS-B installation will allow Icelandair to take advantage of more efficient routings in ADS-B-enabled airspace, such as Hudson Bay, where specific flight levels are reserved for ADS-B-equipped aircraft.

"By offering several modular avionics solutions, FreeFlight Systems is able to provide affordable ADS-B options to all segments of the aviation market, from helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico to airliners in Europe," said Tim Taylor, FreeFlight Systems President and CEO. "Since the majority of aircraft flying today did not leave the factory ADS-B-ready, we are focused on offering retrofit solutions that are easy to install and certify, regardless of the current avionics suite found in the aircraft."

The 1203 SBAS/GPS receiver is certified to TSO-C145 and meets DO-160D environmental requirements (including helicopter vibration). The 1203 weighs 2.2 lbs. and lists for $9,133.

About FreeFlight Systems
Founded in 2001 through the acquisition of Trimble Navigation's Avionics Products Division, FreeFlight Systems is an international supplier of quality avionics at affordable prices. With a focus on safety, simplicity, and reliability, FreeFlight Systems offers a broad array of GPS navigation systems, GNSS/SBAS sensors, radar altimeters, and ADS-B components and systems worldwide. Based in Waco, TX, FreeFlight Systems was the first company to certify an airborne Wide Area Augmentation System receiver.

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