Hynix Adopts Scalado’s SpeedTags

LUND, Sweden /PRNewswire/ -- Scalado, a world-leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, applications, and services for the mobile industry, has announced that a leading Korean semiconductor memory manufacturer Hynix is to adopt its SpeedTags technology to deliver "super-fast image capture and unprecedented processing capabilities."

Scalado's SpeedTags technology, a key part of the company's comprehensive new Camera Framework, will now be integrated with Hynix's image sensor products to help manage the larger files produced by the latest high-resolution image sensors, and will therefore improve overall image handling and performance significantly.

"Scalado remains the industry's first choice," says Fadi Abbas, Scalado's Vice President of Business Development/CMO and Co-founder. "It is now possible to create innovative and powerful imaging features on any device, for any markets."

By integrating SpeedTags into Hynix's image sensor products, Hynix will benefit from the robust architecture provided by Scalado, the "only imaging solution capable of bringing the digital still camera experience to a mobile device." As a result, mobile users can expect increased performance and data handling capabilities—even with high resolution files—that will dramatically improve the experience of capturing, viewing, and editing images.

About Scalado
Founded in 2000, Scalado is a world leader in the mobile imaging industry, thanks to a long history of developing innovative platform-independent imaging solutions. Based on Scalado's unique Random Access JPEG and more than 50 patent and patent-pending technologies, these innovations are currently being used by the world's leading global telecom and platform players in over 800 million devices to date, a figure that is rapidly growing toward 1 billion devices

For this reason, Scalado has become the centre of gravity of imaging. The company is at the heart of the imaging pipeline network of industries, and is committed to working with global leading industry players to bring the best imaging user experience to any device. Scalado is headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and has regional commercial and development facilities in the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.