Hybrid SoC for HAN from Greenvity

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Greenvity Communications Inc.

Greenvity Communications Inc., Milpitas, CA, offers the Hybrii family of hybrid SoCs that integrate powerline communication (PLC) and wireless capabilities and support both HomePlug Green PHY PLC and ZigBee. The family includes the Hybrii-XL (GV7011) for smart grid, smart energy management, industrial, and consumer applications and the Hybrii-PLC (GV7012) for battery chargers, electric vehicle, and electric vehicle supply equipment. The GV7011 simultaneously supports HomePlug Green PHY and ZigBee and automatically chooses the best medium to transmit energy-related data. The GV7012 has HomePlug Green PHY PLC. Both devices integrate an analog front end, baseband, MAC, embedded memory, and microcontroller and have SPI, Ethernet MAC, and MII interfaces.

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Company: Greenvity Communications Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-935-9434

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